How to download Facebook videos top 3 methods

Searching for download to Facebook Videos? Here, I'm going to share the unique idea to download facebook videos with Opera Mini.. Download any facebook videos in Opera mini wihtout any effort. Downloading facebook videos is very easy and simple.

download facebook videos

Most of users open Facebook in dailly basis , They use it in everyday. There are so many good stuffs you can see in Facebook. Videos , Photos , animation etc you can see in facebook. Apart from this there are still unique content that you find in facebook. And, you can save those contnet for offline use, Such as your Photos and videos etc.

Well, I'm going to tips to download Facebook videos with opera mini. There might be still other though this one is still unique. Have a look download how to download.

How To Download Facebook Videos Easy Method?

Most of you are willing to know the method to download any facebook vidoes with opera mini , wasting musch time follow the steps below are mentioned.

Step 1. Most of users uses Facebook lite or Facebook. Rare people use it in web. Though my point is that download the link of that post. here I'm showing this how to do with Facebook Lite. Open facebook and see which video you wanna download and copy the link of video.

how to download facebook videoDownload Facebook Video

Step 2. Download the Opera Mini from the link below and install it in your android phone.

Step 3. Open Opera mini and goto and login with your login details. Now paste the copied link of video post and go.

how to download facebook videoDownload Facebook Video

Step 4. You will get the post and Click on Mx player Icon in top then you will see downloadable video and Click on download link.

how to download facebook videoDownload Facebook Video

Step 5. You videos will be downloaded and saved in your phone. You can access it after download in your Gallery App or any video player App.

how to download facebook videoDownload Facebook Video

This is quite nice method to download facebook videos on opera mini, You still have following methods to download, These also awesome and unique method to download facebook videos, check them out.

Download Facebook Videos With Opera Mini Old

This is simple click on video and download. Opera Mini Old is an old wap browser when you visit anh pages it appears in wap view not web. Everything looks strange but it's nice.

Step 1. Download Opera mini from the link Here..

Step 2.Goto to m.facebook.comand login with your facebook.

Step 3. Now, Click direct on anh videos, It will prompt to save you. :D

Another Unique Way To Download Facebook Videos from

The method mentioned are here all work on how to download facebook videos. You can apply the following method. This method is also great method. look down how to?. download downloader

Step 1. Open Your Facebook App in your android phone.

Step 2. Choose the video you want to download and click on top 3 dot menu and click on copy link from there.

Step 3. Now open your any browser and goto in your browser.

Step 4. Now paste your copied link on the box and ok. and download the videos on your choice.

Well, This is simple as very simple way to download facebook videos on opera mini. Copy the link of videos post and paste in opera mini and download. :D This is not big tutorial though this is helpful. Wanna say something leave comments below.

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