How to use chrome extension in android phone

Day by day android is getting famous and android is the fattest than other operating system. The popularity of android is everywhere because of it comes with more customization and open source mobile operating system. There are all of android apps available which makes your task easy and spread the user experience.

Samely, for your browsing experience 'chrome' is available in every android phone which is browser where you can visit the website of your purpose and your necessary site can be accessed or visit in chrome in android phone.

 But, to make more realistic your browsing experience there a lot of chrome extension which helps you to make your browsing easier. So , in this post we are going to write about ' How to use chrome extension in android phone' .

How to use google chrome extension in android phone ? 

 Directly you can use the extension in your android phone in Google chrome. If you are use the any browser in the computer than you can use any extension in your computer but in the android phone it is not possible so you need to download another browser which supports the use of extension within the browser. here is the way to get started.

 STEP 1 . First of all , you need to download the ' Yandex Browser ' because it doesnot work in android google chrome browser so alternatively we are going to use yandex browser you can download it from here : Download Link.

STEP 2 . Download it from play store and install in your android phone and open it.

STEP 3 . After that in the address bar search it ' '.

STEP 4 . Now search any extension in the search box, I search for ' Google Translate ' for demo. You can search any other extension as your need.

STEP 5 . Click on the right side " Add to Chrome " and it will be added in the browser.

STEP 6 . After that it will show in the extension section of your browser option. Congratulations , you have successfully added the chrome extension. This is the way to add it.

How to use the chrome extension ? 

Well to access or utilise the extension may be the problem. It is similar to computer browser if you have used in the computer than you may know. If don't know it follow the steps below.

STEP 1 . Open the yandex browser in your android phone and Goto the 3 dot option in your browser. 

STEP 2 . After that goto the " EXTENSION " and you will see available extension that you downloaded in early and use it as your purpose.

That's all for now. If you followed the instructions steps by steps then it works.

This is how you can use the google chrome extension in your android phone as you have used in your computer or pc. How this helped you to about ' How to use google chrome extension in android phone' . If you anything wrong with the post you can leave the comment below.

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