How to add legacy hardware in Windows Computer

Drivers are really important in windows computer to connect your another devices such as Phone , SDcard etc. Without driver you computer won't recognised the devices you are trying to connect with pc using cable. If you want to connect and work on samsung devices in your windows computer then first you must install the drive for samsung phones unless it does not recognise your device.

Drivers play very important role to connect your other devices with your computer with data cable. Installing drivers are very ease, If you found the .exe pack for your desired drives then it's easy to install what if you have only .inf pack and want to install it in your windows computer. So, in this post we well teach you about How to add legacy hardware in windows computer ? If you follow the below method then you will know, Let's get started.

How to add legacy hardware in your windows computer ?

Well, you need the package for your desire item which comes with packed in .zip formats. We will use very simple method to add legacy hardware in your windows computer.

STEP 1 : Download your desired drivers or other pack online and if it is in the .zip formats then unzip it using any zip extractor such as 7zip or WinRar etc.

STEP 2 : Goto device manager in your windows computer, you can go right clicking on the start and Device Manager.

STEP 3 : Right click on your PC name in the device manager and click on the add legacy hardware and you are goto go.

STEP 4 : Click next , and choose for install the hardware manually. and click next.

STEP 5 : Click on have disk and choose for files where you early extracted it.

STEP 6 : Choose and Click next and next until you get the success message.

If you follow the same steps then you will get success message and your legacy hardware will be added to your windows computer.

Sometimes , Windows won't able to install your legacy hardware because of driver signature verifications and it won't let you install the legacy hardware untill you disable it. Learn how to disable driver signature enforcemnet in windows pc.

STEP 1 : Goto Setting >> Recover >> Advance Option >> Reboot.

STEP 2 : After reboot you will see some options choose for the driver signature enforcement or simply press F7 or 7 to continue and your windows will reboot and you can add legacy hardware without complications.

That's all and here your leant about ' How to add legacy hardware in your windows computer ? ' . There may be other method if you know you can leave it in comment section below.

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