How to change command prompt background and text color

If you have used windows then you must been familar to Command Prompt(CMD). Command Promp or CMD is windows powerful tools that can be used in many tasks and it has simple interface but works huge if you use in proper way. However, we can't narrate the power of CMD/ Command Prompt how giantly it works.

CMD or Command Prompt default layout is black with white text which looks weird and boring so , in this tutorial we will tell you about how you can simply alter the color of your command prompt software in windows 10 with simple method. So, read the steps below to know it.

How to change the color of Command Prompt ?

We going to disscuss about the best two method to change the color command prompt in your windows computer. Both of method work like a charm and it is quite similar which let you to change the color of layout in command prompt as well as text color inside it. How to make it attractive changing the color then look down.

METHOD FIRST : Using commands in CMD

In this method we will change the color of command prompt directly writting the some codes in it. Which will help you to the change the layout background color and text color in CMD or Command Prompt, have a look down to how to get it that.

# STEP 1 : First of all open start and type CMD in the search box then open the command prompt in your computer.

# STEP 2 : Now type the ' color/? ' in the command prompt and hit enter without the quote.

# STEP 3 : It will show you the color attributes in the screen and you can do it easily to choose it. For example if you type " COLOR 2F" and hit enter then your background color will be green and your text color will be bright light white. You can choose other colors too, first line of color is Background color and second line is text color.

# STEP 4 : To change background color freen and text color white then type " color 2f " and hit enter.

That's all how to change the command prompt color with command line with simple method.

METHOD SECOND : Propoties Method

In this method you can change the color of command prompt or CMD with accessing the propertise menu in the window computer , below is the method described to customize the color of command prompt and give it a fancy look.

# STEP 1 : Samely goto the menu start and open the search box and type the " cmd " in the search box and open the command line in your computer.

# STEP 2 : Now, goto propertise in of command line click on the command line icon and press on propertise to access it.

# STEP 3 : Style the font goto the font options and do your customizations and goto colors tab to change the background color and text color in the command prompt.

# STEP 4 : Not only that you can set the opacity as well as width and height in the propertise option.

Thats all. Now you must have leart about the how to change the background color of command prompt in windows computer, above mentioned method works similarly in your computer if you any other method let us know in the comment box.

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