How to factoy reset windows 10 computer

Windows 10 is best operating system all the time though, if you have been using it you probably must have faced some issue in it as well as you must have encounted some unexpected bugs in this platform during your utilise phase. After all these, windows is still preferred operating system by many people.

Eventhough, windows has huge place in the operting system, you really face some issue on the regular usage such as you can get issue like lagging, overheat, etc. Some of unusual activities can be solved with the windows troubleshooter but some critical issues solved after the factory reset the system.

Windows already have ' reset this PC ' feature to remove unwanted junks, cache, trojan and bring back the windows to factoy state. If you have used windows then you must have been known the features in the windows computer. In this method below two method are described that how you can actually reset your pc to avoid unwanted behaviours.


You can simply reset your pc just using built in feature through the setting in your windows computer. Here is the way how to do that.

STEP 1 : First of goto start and open search box and type " SETTING " in the search box and hit enter to the setting.

STEP 2 : Now head over to the " Update and Recovery " options in the menu.

STEP 3 : Goto recovery option and click on the " get started " in reset pc option.

STEP 4 : Now it will ask the option to " remove your all files" or " keep your file " in the popup box. If you select the keep my files then all your file will be still in your computer if you select " remove all " then all of your files will be wiped. Choose it properly as your requirements.

STEP 5 : A warning pop up message will be come in the screen to suggest that what are you doing. avoid it and click on the next.

STEP 6 : At last phase, you will get final warning if you have selected the remove all the then it will warn that your all the installed app will be removed after the this procces completed. If you know what are you doing click on "RESET" to get started.

STEP 7 : After you click on the reset button then it takes plenty of times for complete operation and after the successful operation it will ask you to reboot system the click on the Continue and boot in windows.

That's all now your every files are gone and installed apps are removed from your computer. Your windows boot into the defautl mode and works better.

Method 2

You can follow this method that will be done with command prompt in your computer here is way to how you can do that don't both of methods are similar and do the dame task. Command prompt direcly open your system setting and follow the same proccess as above.

STEP 1 : Open your computer and goto start and type " CMD " in the search box and hit enter. Open command prompt from there.

STEP 2 : Now type ' styetemreset ' in the command line and hit enter, it will open the system recover page.

STEP 3 : System reset page will open and click on 'remove everthing '.

STEP 4 : In the next option select the ' just remove my files ' .

STEP 5 : Next step click on "Reset" button to get start the process.

These above mentioned almost the same method which does same operation. With these method you can come back to the factory state avoiding the unwanted and unexpected errors in your computer. Hope it helped you if you anything wrong then comment below.

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