How to hide Facebook Photos from others

There are vast facebook users and it is used widely all over the world because it is most famous social network among other platform. In current era, if we look around we certainly see rare poeple who don't use facebook.

You must have surely uploaded a lot of photos in the facebook. Though, do you want to hide some of particular photos from your facebook account? Then in this tutorial we will show to how you can hide your particular photo/image in the facebook form other. With this method the photo you uploaded on facebook only can be seen by yourself, your friends alos cant see your photo.

How to hide facebook photos ?

Well, in this method we will reveal the method to hide the facebook photos. It's an actually a privacy setting which can use set on every uploaded photo on facebook that only can be seen which no one can see it. Learn below to do that.

STEP 1 : First of download facebook from playstore. For, this tutorial we are going to use main version of facebook. You can follow the same steps visiting this link. on your browser in your phone.

STEP 2 : Login to your facebook account in the app and open your profile directly within the app to get started.

STEP 3 : Now, navigate to photos and click on the photos where you will see your uploaded photos, just ignore all and click on albums.

STEP 4 : Look on the albums where and which photo you want to hide from other, click on photo which you can hide photo or change the privacy setting for.

STEP 5 : At, last open options for this photo, for me i click on 3 dot menu to open option. This may diffrent as devices becuase mine is tab.

STEP 6 : Finally , navigate to edit privacy and choose only me and back, you are done.

When you change the privacy setting for image to only means it can be only seen by you, other can't see your photo even your friends.

This is all how you can hide your facebook photos. in this post you learnt about How to hide facebook photos ? If you were looking for this method then you can follow the same steps for all your desired photo to hide, if anything wrong or error leave comments below.

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