How to make Android look like an Iphone

Compared to Android with IOS, obviously Iphone is quite expensive and it is dream for many people to have a own Iphone. Not everyone can buy an Iphone because of high price. Though, Android overtakes the Iphone in the term of features becuase Android provides incomputable customization but still plenty of users want to have an Iphone.

We have mentioned in previous post that Android is one of best operation system based on linux and Android dominates all the operating system in the term of features and customizations. Android provides incomputable costomizations. With the help of Apps and Customization you can give your Androide phone a cool Iphone look for free.

Do you want to make your Android phone look like Iphone Free ? obviously, It's possible with thte help of some apps that provide endless customize options. In this post, we are going to share some apps and short tutorial that help you to make your android look like iphone. Here you go.

How to make your Android Look like an Iphone ?

We've listed short tutorial and some apps which help you to turn your Android phone look same as Iphone. Let's Get Started and explore the apps for Android customization below.

STEP 1 : First of all, You need to download a customization App from Link Here Which is no more than a launcher but gives you full power customize and provides full IOS interface.

STEP 2 : Install the app and activate the launcher in your android phone, As you activate the laucher you can see the full IOS UL over your Android phone.

STEP 3 : Now search for ' Setting Hub ' from app drawer in your APPS. Now, open it and select the options " PREFERENCES " in setting hub and you can customize everything as your wish.

STEP 4 : Now, back from the " PREFERENCES " and select the option " Components for CleanUl " . Inside this setting you can find some option to customise such as Notification, Screen Locker, Dilaer etc.

That's all , IF you did the same as mine then you can see IOS look over Android phone. Now you have own IOS over Android Phone.

Apart from this, There are still other APPs that gives you the Iphone look over your android phone. We have listed the some of APPs let's explore the app below which might be helpfull in the term of customizations.

# iLauncher

iLauncher is yet another popular App which gives your Android phone totally an Iphone Look. It is clean, smooth and beautiful. It is none more than a laucher though it provides the everthing you need for. As long as, you activate it, You will feel Iphone experience over your android phone. It has own IPHONE home screen and Wallpapers aprt from this it holds own screen saver. You can use it in any way it doesn't affect the any issue to your phone.

# One Launcher

One Launcher is another best laucher app for your android phone which gives your android phone fresh new Iphone Look. The best of part this laucher is it doesn't heat your Android phone. You can try this laucher to give your android phone Iphone look. It is easy-to-use.


For more customization you can download other APPS such as ' iSetting, Ios Camera, iMessage etc which help you to customize and give your android an IOS Look. There are plenty of Apps available in the Google Play Store which help you to customize your android phone somehow.

That's all about how to make your Android phone look like Iphone. If you were intending to customise your android phone then try this once. If this post helped you then share with your all friends.

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