How to take screenshot in Windows Computer

Windows is popular operating system, In the term of Gaming, Graphics Design, Video Editing etc Windows is always been the No.1 operating system. You can find any categories APPS for your Windows Pc. Even you have used Windows Pc there are still some Features you must not know about. Windows provides users some built in features but some of them are not visible to everyone, In this post we are going to share the windows occulted features that how to take sceeenshot in Windows Operating System Without any APP?.

For Take Screenshot in Windows some of user install 3rd party software it's the first thing come over users mind. however, Windows has built-in tool which provide the features to capture your desired part as a screenshots. You can take Screenshot of any part in your Windows Pc without installing addictional software, Let's look how to do that.

How to take Screenshot in desired part in Windows Pc ?

This method is very easy to use in Windows Operating System. You need to search for a tool and open it and you can do what you are intending to do. It's a built-in tool in Windows. Follow the full steps below to get started with.

Step 1 : Foremost, In your Windows PC , Right click on start and Goto search. In Windows 10 you can directly click on start and search box appear. Now, I'm in windows 8.1.

Step 2 : In the search box type ' Snipping Tool ' in the search box. And you can see the snipping tool and select it. It will open in your Windows Screen.

Step 3 : Now, you can click on ' New ' to screenshot of your desired part. Just Press Mouse and Drag the area which you want to take screenshot.

Step 4 : Before you save your Screenshot it let's you to edit it, if you like to edit else save it directly to your desired folder.

This is how you can take the screenshot in desired part in Windows Pc. This is hidden but very useful tool.

How to directly take full screenshot in Windows Computer ?

You can take whole screenshot of your screen witout snipping tool which is very easy. You can utilise this method also if you want to take full screenshot of your screen. Learn below how to do it.

Step 1 : Ready the screen in your Windows computer which you want to take screenshot directly without snipping tool.

Step 2 : Now to take full screenshot Press " + Print Screen " button together and your screenshot will be saved in the " Picture " folder in your Computer.

That's all. In this post you knew about the awesome Windows tool and features that How to take ScreenShots in Windows Pc. Thisis very effective way to take screenshot. If you liked it share it to your friends.

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