How to use old android phone as mouse and keyboard

Android hs been best operating system all the time so far. It is best in the terms of features and customizations. And you can find a lot of features in android and customization as well as Android has almost all categories apps that let you ideas or way to alter it on your own way.

Sake of customization or features there are lot of apps available in the Tech Giant Google Play Store which are developed to enhance the flexibility of Android.  Here,  in this post i'm sharing you the android old but working idea that "How to use android phone as mouse and keyboard? . You can check the post below.

This will be the cool way to make control over your pc even from long distance remotely.  This will let you use your mobile phone (Android) as mouse and keyboard to control over your PC. Read the post below to know about the idea.

Step 1 : Download an app called " Wifi Mouse " right in your android phone or tablet whatever which you want to make your Mouse and Keyboard.  The app can be downloaded from the link here , Download Link .

Step 2 : Install it in your android phone. Open it in your phone and your PC and Mobile must be connected to the same Wifi networks.

Step 3 : In the app enter the using ip address of your computer or connect automatically,  if you don't know the ip adress then you can simple method to achieve this.

How to get ip address on PC :

You can use your command prompt in the Pc to get the ip address, open your command prompt or CMD right in your computer. 

1. Open CMD or Command Prompt in the PC.
2. Type the "ipconfig" without the quotes and hit enter.
3. You will  get the ip address in your PC.

Step 4 : Using ip address connect to your mobile and PC. I already told you that you need to be connected on the same wifi network. 

Step 5 : After you will be connected,  you will able to interact with your computer and the functionality start working on your phone and turns it as your mouse and keyboard.

Step 6 : You can broswe Applications,  Media,  Use Keyboard,  Gaming Mouse etc after the you customize the app.

That's all, This is how you do that. You learnt here about how to use your old android phone as mouse and keyboard for free. This is the best way to utilise your old android phone. There may be available other apps you can check on the Google 

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