How to convert mp3 to 3D song in android

Android has it's own popularity in the market. There are almost all sorts of apps available for android based on separate category. We usually use our phone for internet, calling, sms , video etc. You can surely find the plenty of Gaming , Video, Call , Music etc Apps available. If it comes to music then everyone prefer listening music. This post is based on how to convert your mp3 into 3d song with ease.

Convert mp3 to 3d song
Mp3 to 3D song

In this post, I'm gonna elaborate about the simple app and how it works to convert you MP3 into 3D song. In this post you will learn that how you can covert any of your mp3 song into 3D song of your mobile phone or SD card.

How to convert any mp3 into 3D song in Android ?

Well, we all know that with the help of apps in android phone we can do incredible task, for converting we are going to use some apps which will let you convert your mobile's mp3 convert into 3D song. Here is the way how to do that in your android phone.

Step 1 : First of you need to download app from Google Play Store, You can use the following link to download the app right in your android phone, click here to Download App .

Step 2 : Now, launched the app in your mobile from app drawer and it will open and you need to choose the song clicking on Select Song.

Step 3 : After clickin on select song it will list the all available song in your mobile and Click on the song you want to convert into 3D song.

Step 4 : Further, you need to again click on the Make as 3D and let the begin the process.

Step 5 : At last, it initiate to work and you need to wait few seconds or minutes.

This is how you can do it, This is very effective and easy way to convert your mp3 with ease.

# Boom music player

With boom music player you can feel the same taste. Boom is the powerfull and awesome Music Player app for android which gives you 3D effect in every song. It has powerfull bass and advanced equalizer. Boom provides you to the listen the music for spotify as well as you can listen over 20k radio channels online. In all, You can enjoy the music experience with Boom in 3D mode.

Boom music player has some awesome features some of them are narrated below in the box, You can read the list before you choose it.

1 . Magical 3D sound
2 . Stream Spotify online
3 . More than 20k radio channels
4 . Play music from your Local storage
5 . Cusotm equalizer
6 . Hi-res support

You can download the app from clicking on download button below or you can goto Google Play Store and search for Boom Music Player.

Download Now

This is how you can convert your mp3 into 3d music and enjoy the magical sound of your saved music. Hope this helped you if you found any issue knock us.

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