How to format Pendrive with CMD in Windows PC

If you have a PC then you must have own the PENDRIVE to keep your important files in it. It is the best way to keep your precious files to pendrive for future use. but sometimes , Your pen drive got corrupted and it doesn't response to work properly, that time you must format the pendrive to bring to the working condition like before and Format is last option for you.

how to format pendrive with cmd in windows pc

Sometimes , With regular format you might get some errors and you have to go for advance format option such as format with "CMD". Formatting with the CMD will really work and has chance of 100% success rate. In this post i will share about the short method that how to format the PenDrive using CMD ? read the post till the last and you will learn to how to do that.

What is format ? 

Format is the process which will wipe-out all the data inside the Disk such as PEN DRIVE , SD  CARD etc. Sometimes, formatting will resolve also some common issues. Not only in Pendrive but format will also work same in mobile etc, which will completely wipe out all the data and bring it to the same condition , when it come after you buy.

How to format pendriv with cmd ?

Before you start the format process you need to remember the Name of the Pendrive and assigned alphabet to it. And the assigned alphabet will be differ by the Disk. Suppose i have my Pendrive name " Pendrive " and the assigned alphabet is "F". Then here is the way to format it.

Step 1 : First of all goto my computer and look for the pendrive name and assigned alphabet. You can see it in the my computer. For me my pen drive is ' Pendrive ' & assigned alphabet is ' F'. See the screenshot below. Remember it for further steps.

Step 2 :  After that press  Windows + R together in the keyboard and run box appear and in the box type " cmd " and press enter and your command prompt will be execute.

Step 3 : Now if you are in the Command Prompt and you must enter the some commands to format  your pendrive safely. For example my Pendrive letter is "F" and this is the way how i can format it.

Format F:

Step 4 : After you type the Format F: and hit enter your format will start begin.

I f you like to format your Pen Drive format in FAT32 then you must type the following command in the command prompt and hit enter see the command below.

Format F:/FS/FAT32

Step 5 : After writing above command you need to press enter and your format process will start and wait for few minutes to completely format your pendrive.

This is very short tutorial about How to format pen drive with CMD in Windows PC , There might be other method available also but the CMD method is reliable and works more advance than any other methods. Hope you like the post please share it with your friends. 

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