How to hide folder in Windows PC

We store so many files in our computer some for our personal life or for further use in future. Database, Important documents , important videos, photos etc. We keep the files separately in our computer for that it become easy to utilize in future and not only me not only you but everyone prefer to keep their files secured.

But some of files can be the different types for privacy concern. If you don't to people see your personal or private files in your computer for privacy concern you must hide or secure all the files from accessing by intruders. Or anyone whoever uses your computer let them not to find the files your stored in your computer.

hide folder and files in windows pc

People also hide or secure their files in mobile phones too, There are so many apps and tools are available in Phone to secure your files but it comes to PC you can completely hide the whole folder in your computer where you private files are stored. In this post i will teach you about to how you can hide the folder in you Windows computer.

How to hide folder in Windows PC ?

This is very easy to do, You need to follow the some steps to completely hide your folder in your windows computer and let see the folder to intruders. Follow the steps down to get started.

Step 1 : Go to my computer and browser the folder you want hide , You can hide any folder that is created  in your DISK in Windows PC.

Step 2 : After browsing the folder right click on the " Folder " that you want to hide completely. 

Step 3 : After that in the properties menu tick on the " hidden " and apply save , it makes changes to your computer. If you did this the folder won't hide because in the control panel ' Show hidden file is on '  so you need to change the option in the control panel.

Follow the below steps to changes the show / hide file folder in your computer.

Step 4 : Go to control panel and search " Folder Setting " in the control panel and click on it open the folder setting.

Step 5 : Go to view in the setting and Tick on ' Don't show hidden Files, Folders and Drives' . Now click on the apply and save the changes.

Now go back to the my computer and check your folder is totally hidden and anyone who browse the my computer files won't noticed that the folder is hidden until they check that in the control panel.

This is how to hide folder from your computer and keep you privacy secure by intruders. Same method applies to the files, drives etc. You can hide your particular files and drives also with the same method. If the post is helpful share it to your social networks.

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