How to make Android app in free 2019

Android app is possible only create with high programming language, Without programming language it is hard to make any android apps and it is the paid task to make an Android app. Though it is paid task, you can make your desire android app for free, In this post, i will be teaching you to how you can actually how you can make your own Android app for free.

Coding is always necessary to make android app , in everyone minds it comes that without programming language you can't make an android app, so in this post i will tell you about online app builder that gives you the way to create the desired android app without coding knowledge. And this service is totally free and easy, You can use your android phone to create the app in the site.

create app without pc and coding

You might find the very tools and online services that may provide you the service to create android apps but in this post i'm gonna teach you how to create android app using android phone for free which is totally a free of cost, I have already made my Website to an Android app , You can check it all down how to get started.

How to  make an Android app for free

Appsgeyser provides the service to create your desired android apps and it has no service cost. Let's learn how you can make your own android app for free using the online site Appsgeyser.

Step 1 : First of all , You need to visit the site Appsgeyser . After that you have click on create now button to get started.

Step 2 : Now you will get to the new page and you have to choose your type, I'm choosing to " Create app to Grow ". You can select your own type as your wish.

Step 3 : Now you have so select the category to create your android app, for me i'm going to create app for my Website so i choose blog here, You can select on which category you are going to make android app.

Step 4 : Fill the your required fields over there and don't forget to choose your blog type and press next.

Step 5 : In next step , Give your app Name, Description, Select Logo for your app Icon and last click on the " Create App " to create your app.

Step 6 : After that if you are not logged in the Appsgeyser it will ask to create account or you can login with Facebook or Gmail choose your comfortable way to login, After that you will automatically redirected to the dashboard and you can see the project you created on the top and click on the download button and your project will start initializing and wait for a while.

Step 7 : After everything is ready , You app will be ready to get download and you can simply download you app right away clicking in the Download icon and your apk file will be start downloading.

Step 8 : At last, your apk will downloaded and you must install the apk file going to download folder with any File Manager App.

That's all, If you did the same steps here your app will be ready. Here you learnt about the how to create any android app using android phone for free. Don't forget to share with friends.

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