How to mirror android screen into PC

Android is always on top if it comes to the customizations because it is based on open source. The flexibility of android is incredible, it can be customised in vast ways. Not only that there are a lot of apps in the Apps store or in internet which really plays another differ role to customise your Android phone. Not other mobile operating systems provides limitless customizations like android does.

Mirror android screen to pc
Mirror Android Screen

If you ever had tried to mirror your android screen to PC? There are various of reasons behind such as View photos in bigger screen, Play videos in huge screen , expand the gaming experience etc. There are a lot of apps available whicb might work for you. If you search the mirror screen apps over google or play store your will surely find bunch of apps which let to mirror android screen to PC.

Some of the apps might work and some not, So, here I'm going to provide you the working method that let you mirror your screen in Your PC. Here is the way to do that, look and start mirror and be productive.

Step 1 : At first download the Vysor from the link here. Vysor is a chrome extension which will let you control over your android phone. And Vysor will help you to the mirror your android screen in your PC easily.

Step 2 : To communicate between Vysor app in chrome with android you need to download the Vysor app right in yiur android phone, you can download the app clicking on this Download Link. Download from play store to your phone and install then launcb it right away.

Step 3 : Now, you need to enable the usb debugging mode in your phone without enabling it you can't operatr further steps, so you are required to enable the usb debugging mode.

In case if you are not know about how to enable the usd debugging mode then here is the way how you can do it.

1. Goto setting in your phone
2. Goto about device section in setting.
3. Look for build number and press 7 times on it, and enable the developer option.
4. Go back and goto developer option and enable the usd debugging in it.

Step 5 : Now vysor app in chrome app click on find devices and let it detect the device.

Note : You need to install the SDK properly in your PC as well as the drivers in your PC.

Step 6 : After clicking on find devices your Pc will detect the connected devices and click on it, and you will pop up notification in your android phone just accept it. If everything was right then you will receive Pop-Up " Aallow Usb Debugging " notification in your screen.

Step 7 : Now, in your both screen Android and PC , you will be notified as " You are connected ", simply click on ok and start mirroring your android screen to your PC.

There may be other way to do that but this is working method among all of them and it is much easier.

Here you learn about how to mirror your android screen in you PC without root and free. Hope you liked the post , share with your friends.

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