How to translate any text in Android

In the term of features Android is always on the top position , Android holds the most incredible features and customization which are out of your  mind. Android has been always in the top in just not because it's open-source and customization , it's because that android is always provides most awesome and incredible feature.

 If we talk about the features , Android users can translate any text that is copied to clipboard in right away with the help of Google Translate. This is most incredible features by Google to Android.

Google translate has a feature to translate the copied text directly on screen with Tap to translate feature that let users to copy any text to clipboard and choose the preferred language to get translated it with float heads in button click. This featured is released to make the translate easier for users to get the copied text get translate in quick way. With this feature you don't need to open the main app frequently or don't need to switch between apps.

translate any text in android

The translations work over 130 language. You can translate your text to any language without any trouble. Google translate also works in offline mode. You can download preferred offline translation language to translate the text in offline.

How to translate any text in Android ? 

With the Google translate, this is possible and easy, If you don't know learn here how to do that.

Step 1 : Download the Google translate app from the link here, Click here to download the app in your mobile from Google Play Store.

Step 2 : Open  your downloaded app in your phone from app drawer. And able to translate the text copied.

Step 3 : Now click on option for that click on 3 bars icon in left side of the app.

Step 4 : Goto setting page and look for the " Tab to translate " in there and enable it right away.

Step 5 :  Now go to browser and copy any text your page will get translated by tap to translate feature.

This app is around 20MB. And supports the old android version such as 4.2 kitkat etc. You can download the offline translation language to translate text in offline. Not only that the app has anther great features which is you can scan the text in paper by the camera and text scanned will automatically get translated in APP.

This is all about Google Translate and how to use and translate any copied text in Android phone with the help of Tap to translate feature by Google in Google translate APP.

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