How to set password and protect your private browsing in Android

Android is the first choice of users if it comes to the choice of customizations. Android is the most popular operating system among other mobile operating systems. Usually with mobile phone users do call, messages, playing video, listen mp3 etc. Basically users do usuall stuffs, apart from this users need to browse the web sometimes.

If it comes to privacy concerns there will some private browsing content which users need to occult from others that and don't get tracked or don't want to be missued. Some content really needs to be corcern for privacy terms.

Some of popular browsers such as chrome has a Do not track features though you can't hide or protect your private browsing history with passwords, So If have used samsung then you must have been familar with Samsung Internet browser where you can do the advanced and most-precious task to protect your private browsing.

Protect private browsing with password in android
Protect private browsing 

Samsung Internet Browser has a lot of features such as ad-blocker. You can choice the Samsung Internet Browser for your private mode protection because with this browser you can set password to protect your private mode. Samsung Internet Browser is available for all android phone so, here is the way how you can protect your private browsing with the password.

Step 1 : First of all, you need to download the Samsung Internet Browser from Link here. and we can start further steps to private mode protection. If you have installed the broswer make sure you have installed the latest version.

Step 2 : Install the App, And open it from your app drawer. For the first step you need to open Setting page, you can access it through 3 dot menu from right top.

Step 3 : Inside the setting page, you need to access the Privacy option.

Step 4 : After accesing the privacy mode you need to press on Secret Mode and give the password.

This is how you can set the password and protect your private browsing history with password.

How to reset password if you forgot it ?

In case if you forgot the password you can reset it with ease. Keep remind or make it accessible somewhere if you don't want to lose your private browsing. Here is the way to reset your password.

Step 1 : Open the secret security mode page within the browser.

Step 2 : Press on Reset Password to rest your password.


Step 3 : and do confirm, and your password will get reseted if you like to set the password again process the same steps again from the beginning.

That's all, If you did the step mentioned above you will be able to protect your private browsing. This is all and all about How to protect private browsing with password? and this is very realistic and reliable way to protect your private mode.

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